Top Ten 100% Free Scholarships To Watch Out For in 2016 – Apply!

9. University of Alberta $22 million Scholarships – in Canada

The University of Alberta, Canada offers up to CAD$22 million for undergraduate scholarships for international students to study for bachelors degree every year.

Accepted Subject Areas: Courses offered by the university.

About Scholarship: To attract top students, the University of Alberta, Canada offers more than CAD$22 million in undergraduate scholarships each year. The University offers undergraduate scholarships each year for international students.

Scholarships are awarded annually to students on study permit who are entering an undergraduate degree program. Some of these scholarships requires separate application while you’ll be considered for the other scholarships after you have received admission to the University.

Receipt of funding for the second, third, and fourth years is contingent upon achieving a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a full normal course load at the University of Alberta each year…[Read more and apply here].