Norway Quota Scholarship Scheme for 800 Bachelors, Masters and PhD Students from Developing Countries 2016/17

You can apply to benefit from Norway Quota Scholarship Scheme for 800 Bachelors, Masters and PhD Students from Developing Countries 2016/17.

Brief description: The Norwegian Government offer scholarship funds for the Quota Scholarship scheme for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Students from Developing Countries at universities and university colleges in Norway 2015/2016

Accepted Subject Areas: Students usually apply for degree programmes that serve as a continuation of their studies in their home country or for courses which can be a joint part of a degree programme in their home country (joint degree or sandwich programmes). Most of the programmes offered are at Master’s or PhD level, but the Quota Scheme also offers certain Bachelor’s study programmes.

About Scholarship

The main objective of the Quota Scheme is to contribute to capacity building through education that will benefit the home country of the students when they return. The Scheme is also intended to strengthen relations between Norway and the selected countries and thus contribute to internationalization at Norwegian institutions of higher education. Most universities and university colleges in Norway participate in the Quota scheme. The institutions involved are allocated a certain number of students under the programme each year. Most of the programmes offered are at Master’s or PhD level, but the Quota Scheme also offers certain Bachelor’s study programmes.

Scholarship Offered Since: Not Specified

Selection Criteria

All candidates should typically have the following basic qualifications:

  • Secondary school certificates
  • Minimum two years of higher education from their home country
  • Some exceptions apply for certain professional educational courses at Bachelor’s level.


  • If you wish to participate in the Norwegian Government Quota Scholarship Scheme, you must apply directly from your home country.
  • You must have stayed at least one year in your home country directly prior to the planned course of study at the Norwegian university /University College.
  • To be eligible to apply for the Quota Scheme, you must be able to find your home country on the list below.

Number of Scholarships

The Quota Scheme currently provides funding for a total of 1,100 students, 800 of them from developing countries in the South and 300 from countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia.

Value of Scholarship

Each student receives the same amount of money as a Norwegian student would do in an equivalent educational programme. 40 per cent of the amount is given as a grant and 60 per cent as a loan. However, the loan portion may be waived when the student returns to his/her home country after completing the course of study. Students who stay in Norway after finishing their studies or take up residence in another country than their home country must repay the loan. APPLY IN NEXT PAGE BELOW.


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    1. Hello sir,please I am Ako princely from Cameroon thank u for this opportunity.I will like to apply for undergraduate studies. Please help me on he to apply.thanks God bless

    2. I have BA degree in management from BAHIR DRA university with in my country now I want to join your higher institution to get my MA degree.

  1. I live in Ethiopia.I have first degree in statistics so i wants to learn masters in statistics or related fields my phone is 0931224226

    1. Thanks for your give opportunity to African students.Now I want to be one of these students who get this great chance to own my masters.

      “help someone is great
      but help by education is the better one”

      Name:Henok Tamrat Desta
      Level:first degree in management

  2. Hi this is henok tamrat. currently I have BA degree in management from Bahir dar university with in my country also I want to get my MA degree from your higher institution.

  3. It is my interest to join this program.let me sponser is my favorits .i need your assistance.tell no

  4. My name is Fekadu Girosh Enkosa. I am 29 years old and Ethiopian. I have Received Bachelor of Art (BA) Degree in Business Management from Jimma University (Ethiopia) in 2008 G.C in regular bases with C.G.P.A 3.08. Additionally, I have also received Master’s Degree (MBA) in Non-Profit Corporate Management from International Institute of Church Management (Bible College), Florida (USA) in 2012 in distance bases with C.G.P.A 3.87. Furthermore, I have been also on process to hold another Master’s (MBA) in General Management from St. Mary’s University, Ethiopia in regular bases. I have scored 3.806 C.G.P.A for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Semesters and will complete on 4th Semester this additional masters from St. Mary’s University on January 2016. I will left with thesis only. I have more than 7 years work experiences in Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority as Taxes and Customs Crime Investigator, Exhibit handling and Controlling office, Ethics and Counseling Senior office, in Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) as Trading Operations Supervisor, Branch Operations Specialists and Currently in Ethiopian Trading Enterprise as Stock Controller Supervisors. I am very interested to join this/other universities to learn my PhD in Business related fields.

  5. I am quite interesting to study my Msc in Norway i have Bsc degree by Geology from Dilla University of Ethiopia and i have an Experience of 2 years by engineering geology in Ethiopia and i have cGPA:3.04 so if i gets the chance please contact me by phone number 0934194191 thank you for your kindly cooperation.

  6. name is Habtemikael Tessema from Ethiopia.I have Bsc in public health received from Jimma university,Ethiopia.I am very interested to continue my Msc in public health or health related in Norway.thank you.

  7. hi i’m diriba from Ethiopia i have graduated from university of gondar by information science if i got the chance i’m ready to continue my education there

  8. what if we are living abroad i live in South Sudan i am Eritrean i can not back to my country because of the political situation in my home country is that mean am i not eligible for this scholarship

  9. hello sir/Madam my name is Amelework Tesfaye. I am 28 years old. Thanks a lot for the notice you have informed me to join your scholarship, I’m from Ethiopia and I have first degree in mathematics from Dilla university and I have six years of work experience on related fields and now I am 5th years civil Engineering BSC student in hawassa university, I have interest to continue masters (post graduate) in related field, please help me and my contact address is phone :- +251912059447 or +251925545494 and my e-mail is Thank you in advance!

  10. Thank you in advance for this educational given opportunity. This is Endale W/semayat Arbo. I am looking an opportunity to study development at PhD level. I did second degree and MA in the area of community development and have also practical work experience.
    Thank you in advance again.

  11. Hi
    I am Subhash vasava, presently doing job in Freetown, Sierra Leone, west Africa since 2012. I have completed my bechaler of commerce in India in 2010. Currently looking for scholarship for master degree
    Kindly help for the same.
    Thanking you

  12. I am South Sudan age 30,I have finished my first degree in English Language and Literature.I have worked with International NGOS and National NGOS too. Currrently, I worked in food security and Livelihood with ACTED International in South Sudan as humanitarian worker serving communities affected by conflicts which happen in Dec,2013.I would like to requested your highly respect in let me get scholarship for (Msc.Food Security Management) masters in Food security management,Agricultural science or sustainable agriculture in any University in the world.

  13. hi my name is diriba from ethiopia i have graduated from university of gondar by information science i wanna to attend my education there if i got the chance

  14. I have certificate on Accounting from SMAP college and a Diploma in Fine arts from COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES . and im looking forward to study in Accounting
    Thank you for given us a chance.

  15. Hello sir,please I am Ako princely from Cameroon thank u for this opportunity.I will like to apply for undergraduate studies. Please help me on he to apply.thanks God bless

  16. hello sir my name is nuruhusen ahmed from Ethiopia and I have master of public health and I am interested to lean related Phd program me

  17. I m a practising community health nurse in Ghana with a diploma in health sciences education and wants to continue with degree in public health.l will be grateful if given the opportunity.

  18. goodday Mr. Mesonge, I really appreciate your efforts and I’ll implore you on my behalf to help me with information on my mail for undergraduates scholarship. I would like to study Architecture.

    1. Hi Kelechi, thanks for your commendation. I will work on undergraduate scholarships this coming week for your sake. You can grab our email subscription to now when such articles are released.

  19. Hello Applicants,

    We understand that many of you are finding it difficult submitting their applications to this scholarship. Kindly reply and ask us specific questions to assist you. To do so, reply to this comment below.

    Afrischolarship Team.

    1. I have applied for a masters course in Norwegien Ecnomics university and I would like to know if I am eligible for this scholarship and yes how do I apply for it? Thank you

    2. Dear Sir, Thank for your wonderful advice.I am one of the Africa Student from the world’s youngest Nation.South Sudan.I am willing for further studies and just finished in 2013 my first degree and looking way forwards for any scholarship either outside there or in Europe.I need scholarship for masters In MBA OR in public relationship.Because my Country is indeed need professional, I will be happy if you could consider me in this chance.I also like to know the criteria of selection,I have all need academic valid document,passport,ID,and English as my second Language as per my country constitution.
      I shall be have if I am allow to compete for the chance thank
      Madol Ayuen Akol

    3. Dear Sir, Thanks so much for taking up your time to give us directives and advice on this scholarship program. I am Wam Lewis Nk. by name and i am a Cameroonian with English being my first Language.
      I have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration(BA) in the department of Accounting/Finance and i wish to apply for the Norwegian Scholarship. Please sir, i will be happy if you give me directives on how to go about it. My email is

  20. Dear sir Dr.Frederick
    Thank a lot I have hope in your advice and really very interest in this opportunity.My country where I came from need world help in many ways from people like you.
    Madol Ayuen Akol

    1. @Somto: The application link is available below the announcement you have just read. Scroll down and follow the guidelines given to apply. Good luck.

  21. Hello,
    Tell me more on Electrical Engineering field. Is there any chance that I may proceed my career. I have a three year city and guilds advanced diploma (Electrical) I am Samuel Nelson from Malawi

  22. God bless you for the good work you are doing for Africa. I’m currently in level 300 studying Economics and Information Studies in The University of Ghana. I hope to further with my MPhil next year God’s willing.. So kindly forward all necessary information I may need to Mt mail.
    Thank you.

  23. hi thanks alot for giving us this big opportunity.
    am Arega Asefa From Ethiopia .I have Ba in general management with cummulative GPA of 3.98 .and , am looking to attaend my post graduate class .am happy if you give me any social scince department courses .
    mobile +251 0929245428

  24. am Dankwah Bernard from Ghana.A level 100 Mathematical Science thus Statistics,student at the University for Development Studies (UDS).and I want further my education at Norway,so these are my contacts 0544593227/0204440134.

  25. I have learned MBA and MA in organizational leadership currently. I am also graduated with > 3.8 in both masters degree. currently i am in needing of learning PHD degree in business mgt/leadership at your university. therefore, facilitate me for full funded scholarship. thank you

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